Maximilian Ortenreiter - the Law Firm to contact for the legal assistance you´re looking for.

Specialized expertise is required in order to fully comprehend complex legal situations. We have made it our business to stand up for your rights. Benefit from 20 years of experience in the construction and real estate industry. If you want a strong partner at your side, then this law firm is the right place for you.

We strive to provide you with a solution to all troubles!

Maximilian Ortenreiter


Your lawyer all around Real Estate, Planning and Construction Law.

From buying the holiday villa to building your dream home – we accompany you step by step.

Real Estate Law

Legal advice all around real estate in Spain. From the purchase contract for your holiday home to tax implications of property inheritance.

As a law firm with focus on Real Estate we offer, among others, following services concerning your property:

- Real Estate Conveyance _ from private purchase-sale contract to public deed

- Due Diligence _ full disclosure of the facts and conditions of a potential asset prior to completing a transaction

- Tax implications 

- Commonhold property regulation

- Construction defects

- Inheritance

- Cadastral and Land Register matters

- and many more.

Construction and Planning Law

Administrative Law in Spain and specially on the Balearics is in constant change. What counts today is often a thing of the past tomorrow. From Planning enforcement to Building Regulations – a strong partner by your side is vital.

Competent advice in all subjects of administrative law. A short overview:

- Planning Permissions _ from advice to application and acquisition

- Building regulation offences _ from appeals against enforcement notices and/or retrospective planning applications up to enforcement exemptions

- Due-Dilligence in construction

- Building Regulations, Local Planning Schemes, Development plans

- and many more.

Tenancy Law

If you´re a Landlord or simply renting a place to stay - there are still endless regulations to consider. In matters of spanish tenancy law we can advise you (I.A.) regarding:

- Tenancy Agreements _  Checking and/or setting up (residential and commercial) of all concerned documents

- Property lease option (rent and buy later)

- Eviction proceedings

-Holiday Rentals _ from advice to acquisition of permits from the authorities up to discontinue orders regarding unauthorised lettings.

- and many more.

Legal Support Service in Construction and Property Development

We offer you the Legal Support for your building project. From planning permit application to marketing. Round-the-clock service for any problems that arise. So the downside of construction does not lead to frustration.

 Among others we offer:

- Express Due-Diligence _ Fast check for any property

- Planning permits and any authority proceedings

-General Construction Contracts / MTC´s (Measured term contracts) / MW´s (Agreements for minor work).

- comprehensive advise in all fields of the construction process

- and many more.

Bureaucratic procedures

We deal with all time consuming bureaucratic procedures for you. 

From Land Registry, City Council, Tax Authorities - from council tax to company formation.

Civil Law

Don´t let small problems become big ones. Good advice (in advance) is often better. Has the tree in your garden suddenly gone missing since your last vacation or is the neighbour driving through your property to get to his land? Problems arise when least expected, so it is good to have someone who can give you competent legal advice and help!